I’d go crazy if I couldn’t create.

I cannot resist the call of dusty old barns, nor the sight of rust, cobwebs, and peeling paint found on everyday items that are long past their intended usefulness. When a rusted buggy wheel is just lying in the sunshine on the floor of a 140-year-old hayloft, I am compelled to capture the graphical shape, the surrounding light and the dusty textures.

I snap up images like a miser who is afraid that nature will come and claim it before I get a chance to enjoy the shape and texture of it. It’s what my photography is all about.

Now based in Chelsea, MI, I am originally from Bucks County, PA. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled around the world and visited almost every corner of this country. I constantly seek those plots of earth that won’t let go of its old barns, crumbling downtowns, decaying architecture and all the dusty treasures that are hidden inside them.

But I’m a contemporary gal so I present to you the long-forgotten in bright and bold imagery. I really hope you like my perspective.

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